Pennsylvania - Bellefonte - Downtown


Along Water St. across from Talleyrand Park (see link at bottom), leading up to High St. and downtown.

Looking up from Water St. at W. Bishop St., there's sure something up there. Can it really just be a parking lot, or are these the ruins of a onetime building?

The view from Water St. up High St., where I turn to take the remainder of my photos.

I'll call this the 1887 Building, because that's all I can make out. The last two photos head downhill and look west past Talleyrand Park and its mostly ornamental train station (good only for scenic rides).

The next set of buildings up the south side of High St., facing east and west respectively.

On the northwest corner of High and Spring St., this was the Centre County Banking Co. building, The Farmers National Bank, and China Hall. Maybe in that order.

Just past Spring St. on the south side of High St., founded by the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Looking east from there at the remaining hill to the court house and back west down the hill.

The north side of High St. from Spring St. to Allegheny St.

Around the corner, the building changes dramatically and becomes the Exchange. The last two photos are just closeups of different parts of the first one.

Looking south along Allegheny St. from the west side to the east side. Sorry, too many historic buildings for me to try to name each one. Unless "Richard" is an acceptable name.

Looking east along both sides of High St. as it splits to go around the courthouse, first the south (eastbound) side and then the other.

The Centre County Courthouse, with and without foliage, and a couple of its accoutrements. The Bellefonte plaque atop this page is located right here at the top of High St., and you'll see the other side of it on the other side of the view to close out this page:

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