Oregon - US Route 730

US Route 730

Enjoy this caption-lite ride east through the bluffs of the Columbia River east of Hermiston.

Up to Switzler Canyon on the north (WA) side of the river.

The sun is setting behind me. Let's continue.

If you're seeing gold in the sunlit hills to the east, I believe it's moss. It's not gold.

Panning from east to south as I cross Juniper Canyon.

I believe this faraway peak is Twin Sisters, the end of the bluffs in Washington.

Just over a mile from the Washington border now.

Panning from the southwest to north from that point, highlighting a lot of what you saw above heading east (and more "gold") back to Juniper Canyon. The setting sun plus the northward turn of the road and river make photography of the west bank less rewarding than of my side on the east.

Somewhere right around here is the border, which leaves the river for the first time since the Pacific Ocean.

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