Ontario - Trans-Canada Highway 71

Trans-Canada Highway 71

All photos were taken heading south and are of lakes. That's the scenery in northwestern Ontario.

Longbow Lake (right), Blindfold Lake (left), Divide Lake (right).

Technically, this waterfall hits a river, not a lake, but the river connects Divide and Black Lakes. I think it's called Black River.

Two lakes on the east, Bunny Lake (shaped like a northward-pointing rabbit) and Old Woman Lake (not shaped like an old woman).

Two photos of Reedy Bay and one of Regina Bay, all on the left and all part of Lake of the Woods. The last photo is just before the Sioux Narrows bridge.

This nameless pond is on the west, opposite Muskie Bay of Kakagi Lake.

Panning from south to north along Sabaskong Bay, another arm of Lake of the Woods. Those be pelicans.

And this be Heronry Lake. No pelicans, only herons allowed.

Heronry was on the east, while I come back to Sabaskong again on the west.

*takes a deep breath* Kakabikitchiwan Lake. I promise I didn't say a bad word. It connects to Lake of the Woods via Nestor Falls.

The last lake easily viewable from the road is Caliper Lake.

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