Ontario - Trans-Canada Highway 17/Highway 11

Trans-Canada Highway 17 and Highways 11/17

Baubee Lake is just south of Trans-Canada Highway 17 and just east of Manitoba.

Two photos each of Caribou Lake and Granite Lake, heading east toward Kenora.

The highway bends along Rat Portage Bay just east of Keewatin, affording me a view east of Safety Bay and panning across the south, facing Coney Island and the outlet of this corner of the great Lake of the Woods.

Laurensons Lake, on the north side of the highway east of Kenora.

Jumping east to unincorporated Sunshine and still heading east, Highways 11/17 are about to cross the Shebandowan River. Sorry for the blotches, but June is insect season in Canada.

The highways turn south and then drop spectacularly toward Kakabeka Falls. You can see the Kaministiquia River in the two hilltop photos (at Kakabeka Generating Station) and then again on the left just before the highways cross it to enter town. The bluff featured is nameless and is just north of Oliver Lake.

Taking a jump across Thunder Bay, this photo is Trans-Canada Highways 11/17 westbound, featuring Mt. McKay (left) and a few more of the Nor'Wester Mountains to the city's southeast.

I interrupt your scenery to bring you the Terry Fox National Historic Person Plaque. The reason it's at the outskirts of Thunder Bay is because Terry had to stop his intended transnational run here (roughly) in 1980 due to the very cancer that inspired him to run. There was originally just a statue by the road, but it was moved up to an overlook with the widening of the highway in the 1990s.

A sweeping panorama of Lake Superior and Sibley Peninsula from east to west, and then closeups of the peninsula's Sleeping Giant and "Le Pâté" (the pasty) on Pie Island. Yes, the island was named for this meat pie-like mesa.

Heading south on Eldorado Beach Road from Highways 11/17 just west of Sibley Peninsula for some views of Lake Superior.

Looking southwest from around that point, this is Caribou Island.

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