Ontario - From the Air

Ontario from the air

A wind farm northwest of Toronto.

Entering Lake Huron, we come to Cape Croker (left side) of the Bruce Peninsula with Hay, White Cloud, and Griffith Islands.

Western Duck Island off the coast of Manitoulin Island, the world's largest freshwater island.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON and MI, along the St. Marys River. The border runs along the river and crosses the international bridge just south of the large island, Whitefish Island.

Another wind farm north of SSM, along the south shore of Goulais Bay.

Looking northeast at the Sleeping Giant of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. It looks more like a sleeping giant from the ground.

On a completely different return flight, these photos look south along Lake Erie at the southwest corner of the Ontario Peninsula. You did say you liked wind farms, right?

Pelee Island is just within sight off the coast. You can barely make out tiny Middle Island, the southernmost point in Canada, in the top right corner of the first photo.

The windmills continue, bracketing a photo of Point Pelee, a national park.

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