Oklahoma - US 66 - Tulsa

Former US 66, Tulsa

All photos are from one short stretch of old US 66, 11th Street and 10th Street inside the downtown Tulsa freeway loop.

There are several churches in proximity: Holy Family Cathedral (to the north on Boulder Avenue), First Christian (east side of Boulder Avenue), First Church of Christ Scientist (west side of Boulder Avenue), First United Methodist (south side of 11th Street). Come to think of it, there are several churches all claiming to be first. At least two of them have to be liars.

Another view of the Cathedral, the only one that doesn't claim to be First and therefore is likely the actual first one to have been constructed.

More architectural details of the Methodist church.

The only non-religious building on this page, the 1929 Warehouse Market Building east of 11th Street at Elgin Avenue. It continues to serve a market-related purpose.

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