Oklahoma - US 66 - Sayre

Former US 66, Sayre

Looking west on Main St. from 4th St. In road terms, that's the SW and NW corners of State Route 152 and US 283/Business I-40, which is also better known as old US 66.

Now to the NE and SE corners, and a look east along Main St./State Route 152.

Making my way east for a minute - you'll see why - I came to this rusted grain hopper assembly at Maple St. and Broadway St.

The Beckham County Courthouse is well east of downtown along Main St.

Old 66 has a bunch of former gas stations on the east side of town. The first two photos are on the west side of its junction with US 283, and exhibit the old style of overhead lighting that used to be ubiquitous in the 1950s (as were the delta-shaped roofs).

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