Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

The State Capitol building, a stately 1919 work that was completed in 2002. See, 1919 was kinda close to this Great War thing that sorta sucked up materials and money so that we could, you know, win. Once we were fighting and stuff. Enough of the building got built to have business conducted, but it was missing that great big dome and the Guardian on top. That's where the "2002" part comes in. Must have been a low priority.

Alex Liberman's "Liberman Red" sculpture on North Robinson Ave. near Park Ave. It's not as iconic as Alexander Calder's sculptures, so he had to name it after himself for attention.

Just beyond the sculpture is something unfortunately more associated with Oklahoma City, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Plaza. It was once the Federal Building until Timothy McVeigh decided there were just too many people alive in it. Now most of it has been taken down, and a fence along the property has become a makeshift memorial.

The actual memorial is right next to the memorial museum. As is common at sad places, there is a reflecting pool. Having no one around it makes it even quieter, but it was a cold and rainy day.

The parking lot part of the structure was still intact, so it wasn't torn down (see the first photo of the plaza above). The crumbled concrete wall is the only outdoor remain I found that truly testifies to the horrific bombing.

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