Oklahoma - Glass Mountains

Glass Mountains

Approaching Gloss Mountain State Park, alternatively known as the Glass Mountains, and part of the Blaine Escarpment. Is it singular or plural? Which vowel is correct? Doesn't seem to matter.

Random mesa to the north.

Through the portal.

To the south of the State Park parking lot, which is tucked inside these hillocks.

The parking access road curves to the left of this odd formation...

...and to the right of this one.

I'm about to climb this mesa to the north.

Panning from right (south) to left (east) from atop the mesa.

Walking to the back of the mesa, I get a different view to the west. The rest of the Blaine Escarpment rises in the distance.

Looking north along the back edge of the mesa.

Florae and fauna of western Oklahoma. The butterfly is of the Variegated Fritillary variety, and the flower is an Evening Primrose. I do believe the latter is a snozzberry plant.

One last view to the north as I leave the park.

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