Oklahoma - Bartlesville


This century-old depot was built in 1909 to a "Southwest" or mission style appropriate to a railroad named Santa Fe. It was done in brick until 1946, when a more appropriate stucco finish was selected. Atchison-Topeka merged with Santa Fe later in life, but the MKT or Missouri - Kansas - Texas Railroad was always distinct and just happened to share the station.

Heading east along 2nd Street from the depot.

Walking east on the parallel block of Frank Phillips Boulevard, east of Johnstone Avenue. The center two photos are on the south side of the street, and the others are on the north.

Taking a break along Dewey Avenue, starting at the Pioneer Building and ending at the Reda Building, which started life as the Cities Service Oil Company Building. "Reda" flows much better.

Continuing east, one more building on the north side of Frank Phillips Boulevard, then two... can we still call them buildings?... on the west side of Osage Avenue just to the south.

The former Washington County Courthouse is on the east side of the city at Shawnee Avenue and 3rd Street.

Frank Phillips, he of 66 gas fame and the namesake of Bartlesville's main east-west thoroughfare, had his headquarters building constructed by 1950. The slender Phillips Tower to the north dates to 1930.

A bit south of the other stuff, but all the more visible due to its height, the Price Tower is Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper. It opened in 1956 and was instantly rusted to its notable green sheen. This is now yet another Phillips property. Yes, that guy is the reason there's a city here.

The Community Center faces the Price Tower to the southeast.

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