Ohio - W. Union

West Union

The 1911 Adams County Courthouse defines the center of town at Main Street (State Routes 125/41), Market Street, and Cross Street (State Route 247).

Interesting bits from top to bottom. The brick-mounted bell is from the second courthouse (1811-1876); this is the fourth, after the third burned down. The free-hanging bell, I have no idea.

The historic-looking east side of the square along Market Street.

Heading east, Wilson's Soldier's Monument is at the corner of Mulberry Street and what's now named Wilson Drive. John T. Wilson commissioned the Civil War monument but died before it was completed in 1893, so the sculptor added his bust on the bottom.

Now, Wilson deserved to have his bust in the monument, and not just because he paid for it. He paid for this, too, the 1884 Wilson's Children's Home, which cost him $46,000 in then-dollars to build. It is used to this day for children escaping abusive or neglectful situations. Maybe he deserves his own, separate statue.

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