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Starting on the west side of town, Washington Street (US Route 6/State Route 101) at Shelby Street, where Variety Beverages occupies this old building on the southeast corner.

The unique #809 Washington Street on the north side dates to 1907.

Imagine serving as a post office for 60 years and then being relegated to a merry-go-round museum for 30 more (and counting). The unique Old Post Office - actually the third in the city - is just west of the central Washington Park.

Just a moment as I skip past my final stop to show you the 1843 Grace Episcopal Church, the oldest continually used church in town (oddly specific), on the west side of Wayne Street and the east side of Washington Park.

The 1874 Erie County Courthouse, the earliest use of Art Deco by far. Well, not really. It has 1874 underpinnings, but the exterior is pure 1936-1939, stripping away all the old architecture that we would now have appreciated. On the other hand, it has an odd charm for being a modernist style in a classic shape. And it has the one seated figure on the back that I cannot identify. It looks like the Guardian of Law outside the Supreme Court, so that's my starting point. I see the scales of Justice but this is not a female form, and I see the word COURT at top right.

Thanks to the remodel, the fountain in front of the building is now the most significant work in town. At its heart is the original Boy with the Boot, also known as Boy with the Leaking Boot. Very little is known about why it was commissioned, but the "when" is 1895 and the "where" is at a hotel two blocks away. The "what" is a replica of the original, which was stashed in City Hall to prevent further damage.

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