Ohio - Salem


All photos were taken along East State Street, and all but the last are on the south side of the street. There's interesting stuff on the north side, I just didn't capture it. Because the National Register of Historic Places hasn't yet scanned the record for downtown, I don't have ages for most of the buildings, but 1880s-1900s is a fair generalization.

I gave you a closeup of a nondescript window because if you squint, it once advertised mattresses.

The bank building on the southeast corner of Broadway Avenue was built in 1929.

From Lundy Avenue to Penn Avenue, where we find the "Mont. Cook" building. I don't know what that was short for.

We leave downtown here, with the 1890s Manila building up to the southwest corner of Lincoln Avenue, State Route 344.

Saving the east for last, the 1889 Church of Our Saviour is on the north side of the street a short while later.

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