Ohio - Norwalk


All photos were taken heading north along US Route 250 (Benedict Avenue-Whittlesey Avenue).

South of downtown at #190 Benedict Avenue, this was a children's home built in 1913.

Downtown is upcoming, and this is my best view of the 1913 Huron County Courthouse tower. You'll see why in a bit.

From #48 to #26-28, here is the west side of Benedict Avenue upon crossing the railroad tracks into downtown. I imagine undated buildings are of similar age to the dated ones.

The old jail and sheriff's residence is on the northeast corner of Seminary Street, built at the same time as the courthouse and (together) over the footprint of the previous jail and courthouse. The short walk to trial is a plus, but living above murderers is a minus.

This is all I can see of the courthouse. The tower of the Queen Anne-style jail exactly lines up with the courthouse tower from my lane.

Queen Anne architectural details.

Looking east along the north side of Main Street (Route 61), where US Route 250 changes names and therefore marks the center of the city. The tall brick building is the Gardiner-Hipp Building, dating to 1886 as the National City Bank.

Continuing north, the post office is on the right and #25-27 Whittlesey Avenue is on the left.

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