Ohio - Mt. Vernon

Mount Vernon

A row of stately houses heading east on Gambier Street (Ohio Route 229) from Gay Street.

High Street west of the downtown Public Square, from the post office to Mechanic Street.

Now some buildings along Main Street south of Public Square. The first and fourth photos face north, and the others face south.

A few Main Street buildings in the two blocks north of the square, all facing south.

A walk around Public Square, starting to the east and ending to the south.

The Knox County Courthouse is visible behind St. Paul's Episcopal Church, looking east along High Street (US Route 36) from the square.

What about the middle of the square? The notable feature is the Civil War (or War of the Great Rebellion, the earliest postbellum term) monument in the center. The statue faces and base captions are each arranged from the south side clockwise to north.

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