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Starting in the center of town at Main and Church Streets, Routes 601 and 113.

This is the 1867 Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the town park, which led to this becoming a park instead of a large dirt area for hitching horses. It's got fighters' names all over it.

The Italianate-style Town Hall is across from the southeast corner of the park. It was dedicated on July 4, 1876, which seems like a relatively auspicious date.

These buildings are on the east side, north of the Town Hall. The Kelley Block dates to 1880, and I believe the Masonic building dates to 1900. It's interesting that the building's owners have kept or restored the Masonic symbols.

From the west side of the park, the monument appears in front of the Kelley Block and Town Hall. Erie County was part of the "Firelands," land set aside in Connecticut's Western Reserve for residents whose homes and businesses were raided and burned by the British during the Revolutionary War. It took a long time for the Firelands area to be settled with the local natives to permit settlement, so few people were able to take advantage of it. The less official marker next to it is for the last mission of the Moravians, which was here when Milan was still known as the native Pettquottink.

Looking west along Front Street on the north side of the park.

1 East Front Street, looking west. This is a prewar house, built in 1855.

Heading east from the town center along Route 113/Church Street, #29 was a 19th-century stagecoach inn.

The 1912 library is on the right side of the road, and the 1886 sheriff's office/police station (now surrounded by the fire department) is on the left.

Old houses on the east side of town: #20 and #26 East Front Street on opposite corners, and #10 North Edison Drive north of there. Milan was an early canal city, so many of the buildings date to the mid-19th century, including some still-intact homes. I don't have specific dates on these, but the last one is part of the Milan Museum so it must be old.

I do have a specific date on this house, built in 1841 and known for housing a newborn Thomas Edison starting in 1847.

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