Ohio - Harrison Co.

Harrison County

All photos were taken along US Route 250 heading northwest.

You might argue I'm putting the best photos first, but stay tuned. Entering Cadiz, I come to the 1895 Harrison County Courthouse, with Justice standing atop the dome.

Holding up decently for a 10-year-old paint job. Some of these remained at least into 2019. Hey, it was a proud moment and possibly state-sponsored paint. Leave it as long as you can.

The highway runs along the north edge of Tappan Lake, a reservoir at the west end of the county.

Panning from west back behind me to east. Would you rather have this tranquil lake at sunrise or the stately courthouse?

Here comes the sun over Lower Beaverdam Bay, the one part of the lake that extends north of the highway.

Bidding adieu to the lake and Franklin Twp.

Sunrise part 2, over a foggy farm in Monroe. Notice that we have Harrison, Franklin, and Monroe. Then remember that Franklin was only a President's first name, not last.

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