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East Cleveland

The now-famous Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video (2nd Attempt) warns viewers, "Don't slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die." I'm pretty sure my car never stopped moving forward while I drove east along Euclid Avenue (US Route 20) through the desiccated heart of this suburb. The population has decreased by more than half, but unlike other cities, this phenomenon occurred relatively recently. In fact, the city has lost about 50% just since 1990, at which point it was only down a few thousand from its peak. A series of criminal mayors and continued fiscal emergency over 20 years may have possibly contributed.

One of the only interesting buildings that hasn't been abandoned is the Windermere United Methodist Church. The next building named Windermere isn't so lucky.

Don't expect to find any donuts or restaurant at Peter Pan. Noble Motel does appear to still exist, although based on the one online review I found, it appears to be exactly what you'd expect out of East Cleveland. Don't slow down here or you'll die.

Let's go shopping here... nope. Okay, how about a bite to... nope. Just get across the border back into Cleveland and breathe. It can only get better.

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