Ohio - Columbus


Looking north along the Scioto River.

Knowlton Hall is Ohio State's school of architecture. Surprised at the waviness? I'm surprised at the dinginess. Time to get some students involved in redesign.

Speaking of things that look ancient, this is the entrance to the football stadium.

Hitting the reset button, here's an alternate view of downtown from the northwest, at the stub end of Nationwide Boulevard.

It's pretty clear this plant is no longer functional. The river has ruins of a dam that once kept it running.

The most noticeable building in the skyline is the Art Deco-style 1927 American Insurance Union Citadel, later named the LeVeque Tower after a rich dude who bought it and then had the audacity to perish shortly thereafter.

Let's head downtown. The Ohio National Bank building is abandoned but intact at High Street and Town Street.

Just like it insists that its university is "The" university, Ohio is in denial and doesn't even call its capitol a Capitol. This is the Statehouse. William McKinley sits in front while being adored by statuesque women.

There's an old but apparently unnamed building on the northeast corner of High Street at Gay Street. The 1905 Atlas Building peeks out a block to the north at Long Street.

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