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Cleveland - Public Square

Coming into downtown on Ontario Street, I pass the Landmark Office Towers, a 1930 complex of three towers built together with room for an unbuilt fourth. It's a block outside Public Square, but I'm trying to balance my Cleveland pages.

Heading east on Huron Road on the south side of the towers, with views of the unique window treatments on each floor.

The Terminal Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Cleveland, and thus in Ohio. It was the tallest building in the world outside New York when it opened in 1930.

Coming into downtown on Ontario Street and walking around until I get as many views as I can stand.

From left to right, the three buildings in the first photo are the 1915 "75 Public Square", 1855 Old Stone Church, and 1889 Society for Savings. 75 Public Square was the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company headquarters until 1958. The church is the oldest building on Public Square. The red sandstone Society for Savings Building was the tallest in Cleveland until 1896.

The May Company building was constructed in 1914, and has outlived the namesake department store.

The center of Public Square is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

As much of the Old Federal Building as I could find, on the northeast side of the square along Superior Avenue. It served as the U.S. Courthouse as well as the post office for awhile starting in 1910. The last photo and closeup are from the back side on Rockwell Avenue.

Not strictly on Public Square, the 1925 Main Library is just a block away, immediately facing the Old Federal Building and essentially its fraternal twin.

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