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Cleveland - Outside Public Square

Leaving Public Square along Euclid Avenue (US Route 20), I come to the Guardian Bank Building, which has managed to become a hotel.

Another old bank has also been converted for people to live inside. When the Union Trust Building opened in 1924, it had the world's largest bank lobby and was the second-largest building in the world by floor space with more than 30 acres on all its floors. It was so large that it had its own airport, of sorts: a never-used dirigible station on the roof.

After the hotel zone comes the church zone. The first one is Zion Lutheran Church, a block off of Euclid Avenue on 30th Street, and the next is St. Paul's Episcopal Church, which lives on as a Catholic monastery.

"Agora" means an open space, and this is anything but, but at least it served as a gathering place (second definition). The theatre dates to 1913, but the sign is only as old as 1986; it started as the Metropolitan Theatre.

So much for the dream that this could someday be a living space. Despite the ad, the old factory at 66th Street was demolished.

The 2nd Church of Christ, Scientist opened a century ago. It's still a church but no longer in that denomination. Should have stayed with the 1st Church instead. (I can't find a good explanation of why there are two, but there definitely are two.)

Have some more churches. The first is Calvary Presbyterian, and the second is a brand-new hospital building. But it was the Transfiguration Church, and at least pieces of it stood from 1902 to 2014.

The H.W. White Mansion was also subsumed into the hospital, but at least the building survived.

Back to the general downtown area, coming east off the Detroit-Superior Bridge alongside the U.S. Court House with its statue of Cleveland Venus. Yeah, Cleveland has their own version of Venus, just like they have their hastily-made tourism videos.

After passing the Landmark Office Towers (see the Public Square page), Huron Road passes the former Post Office building, opened in 1934 over the former Union Terminal. I think, instead of gargoyles, the roof is lined by eagles. I think.

Next building along is Tower City Center, modern but styled to fit contextually.

Heading the opposite way as before, the West Side Market is along the north side of Lorain Avenue, Route 10.

Try McLean Co.'s teas, coffees, and BAKING POWDER (small caps, mostly worn away, not as refreshing to drink) at West 26th Street.

A progression along Lorain Avenue, starting at #3250-3244 (the brick and stone-faced building). The Appleseed building is near 219th Street.

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