Ohio - Canton


Christ Presbyterian Church, Tuscarawas Street at Wells and McKinley Avenues.

Former public library, Cleveland Avenue at 3rd Street SW. I'm giving you addresses because a lot of these buildings don't go by their former names or uses.

Frank T. Bow Federal Building, a block north of the old library.

I can't even find a name for this building. It's just 101 Cleveland Avenue NW, at the corner of Tuscarawas Street, which is the original Lincoln Highway and the main east-west route through the city.

Two blocks from city center, Church of the Savior and now a United Methodist church.

On the north side of Tuscarawas Street across from the church, this mural is the start of buildings influenced by the nearby courthouse.

Hotel Courtland has been gone for 25 years and counting (R.I.P. 1992), but this one doorway was preserved in front of the arcade and just east of the mural.

Getting closer to the courthouse, even the street name (Court Avenue) is influenced. This looks south from Tuscarawas Street.

The original First National Bank is on the southwest corner of Tuscarawas Street and Market Avenue, which defines center city. Streets in all directions are described as NW, NE, SW, or SE from that point.

Some different views of the Stark County Courthouse, on the northwest corner of center city and conveniently next to Court Avenue.

Sundry architectural details thereof.

Another building deserving of a name but lacking such, "Second Street Parking Garage" is the best I can do. Photos are along Walnut Avenue, and you can guess the cross street. The last building appears to have once said STARK CO. ____, but I have a blank on the blank.

A very short block of buildings as I start to head north on Market Avenue.

I like signs. Canton likes signs. We are happy here. 5th Street NE looking east from Market Avenue.

Up to 6th Street now.

The Stark County District Library looks most interesting from Market Street, but at least there's a stained glass sculpture to console you as you go in the ugly backside.

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