New Zealand - Remutaka Range

Remutaka Range

All photos were taken heading north on Highway 2 on a foggy morning, with one turnoff.

The last 3 photos look progressively more to the east-southeast. I love how the sunrise turns fog into fire.

The last photo is on the turnoff to Kaitoke Regional Park.

The gate was closed, so I went back on my way on Highway 2. The second photo looks east and the third looks west.

Use the road to guide where my photos are being taken, as it twists so much that I can't tell you which direction is actual north. The last photo looks "east" or to the right.

All scenes to my left/west.

In all of these, if you can't see the road, my photo points to the left.

Last photo, looking east into the sunrise.

More scenery along Highway 2

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