New Zealand - Dunedin Railway Sta.

Dunedin Railway Station

One of the great examples of Edwardian* architecture in New Zealand, this station was designed by George Alexander Troup* and opened in 1906*. I have used asterisks to denote all the facts that I read from Heritage New Zealand, so if I'm wrong, blame the country, not me.

Gaze upon the Edwardian* magnificence! I took a million detail photos, which is why this ended up with its own page.

The left (north) tower, top to bottom.

Just to the right of that tower, we have a nice portal window over some more architectural details.

Top to bottom at the central tower of the station, featuring its main entrance below the British coat of arms shield. (England is represented by the triple lions top left and bottom right, then Scotland has a single lion and Ireland has a harp - this is before Irish independence.) Yes, the date here says 1904, but the station opened in 1906. Construction started in 1902, so these blocks must have been carved with a little too optimistic anticipation of completion.

Finally, here is the right tower from top to bottom, featuring MORE LIONS! and the station clock. Click on the last photo for full-size version.

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