New Zealand - Masterton


All photos were taken heading northeast through town on Highway 2.

Golden Shears is a world sheep shearing championship. New Zealand has more sheep per capita than any other country, with 22 head per human. Mongolia, in fact, is second with about 8 head per human, and then Australia slots in behind them. Wales is right around there as well, so despite their famous reputation up there, Wales pales in comparison to the sheepery that takes place down under and to the right.

This was a Masonic Lodge, repurposed as a restaurant (The Aberdeen), repurposed as a club, and now vacant. In terms of attracting a new tenant, this might be a bit too far to consider it a bedroom community to Wellington.

In New Zealand, the Public Trust appointed trustees for matters such as estate management to people who could not afford or otherwise could not hire a private trustee. That use has become more centralized and deemphasized as the country modernized, so this building has seen a range of other uses and was sitting vacant when I visited in 2013.

And on through town.

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