New Zealand - Hokianga Harbour

Hokianga Harbour

Hokianga Harbour slowly comes into view as I descend from Whirinaki to the northeast. From here, my view is the west side of the harbour.

Sand to my left, sand to my right. To my left is Te Pouahi, the southern reach of the western shore. To my right, the sand culminates in Kawehi̅tiki Point.

Opononi recreation.

Two more sets of views of Te Pouahi and North Head, which is the point of land that encroaches the farthest on the harbour mouth.

Unsurprisingly, the south side of the harbour entrance is South Head. The rocky promontory on the left is Pukekohe. You'll be seeing more of him.

Although the hill to the right of Pukekohe has no name, the one to the left (2nd photo) does. That's Hunoke.

The head of North Head.

As Highway 12 starts to climb the hill south from Omapere, it comes west of Pukekohe and the rock takes on a different profile.

Australian coral tree doesn't know which side of the Tasman Sea it's on.

The higher I get, the more the scenery changes. This is a wider view of the harbour and North Head just before I lose sight completely on my way south.

More scenery along Highway 12

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