New Zealand - Interislander Ferry

Interislander Ferry

After a passage from North Island to South Island shrouded in darkness, I had high hopes for the return daylight trip dashed by persistent rain and fog over the Marlborough Region. As I left Picton, I settled into hopelessness. But where there was rain, there became...

Rainbows over Queen Charlotte Sound

And as the clouds broke, I was able to take:

Other scenery photos

Tuhirangi is the mascot of the Interislander. He was a taniwha or monster guardian who was said to have accompanied the explorer of legend Kupe in discovering Aotearoa (New Zealand). In return, Tuhirangi was given Cook Strait as his new domain to guard. Since the Interislander traverses Cook Strait, this is a very appropriate choice of sculpture, although the legendary form of Tuhirangi does not seem to be a cetacean in classical depiction. (Dolphins are said to be taniwha, so either dolphins became conflated with them or the sculptor accidentally did so.) Click for closeup of all the sea creatures.

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