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Sir Joseph Ward, erstwhile Prime Minister whose family moved to Bluff (then Campbelltown) at a young age and who got started in politics in the local borough council.

Bluff is so important, it has two monuments! Well, maybe this one should be called a cenotaph, since every town in New Zealand seems to have one for World War I.

Looking east in the southern reaches of Bluff Harbour.

Bluff is the southernmost settled point on the mainland. Distances north have little meaning, but realising how much closer you are to the South Pole than many other populated places (except maybe Kumagaya) is sobering, even exciting. This is Stirling Point, the southern end of Highway 1.

Actually, this is the Stirling Point.

There is still more New Zealand south of here. The coastline curves slowly to the west and features a trail all the way around, including connections to the central high point of Bluff Hill.

Visible to the southeast, from left to right, are Dog Island (with its lighthouse) and Ruapuke Island (with North Head and a second peninsula that look like two islands from here). Dog Island is just close enough to see the lighthouse in colour.

Don't pull up the giant anchor, or New Zealand will drift north and become part of Fiji.

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