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There have been several USS Ticonderogas, including during the Civil War and both World Wars. This one helped end the War of 1812 by recapturing US ships that had been commandeered by the British on Lake Champlain, but was never repaired thereafter and eventually sank, neglected. The ship's wooden remains were found in 1958 and now rest south of the Saunders Street bridge, as if ready to reenter the Mettawee River and float north to the lake once more.

Views to the north and east from the old ship.

Traveling south on Main Street between the town's two bridges (the northern of which is quasi-permanently closed - see the "roads photos" link below).

Alternative views of those buildings, heading north on Williams Street on the east side of the Mettawee.

South of Saunders Street, Williams St. is a bit farther from the water and has rooms for these old buildings on the west side.

To complete the circle, this photo looks east at Williams St. from Main Street on the west bank of the river.

Whitehall roads photos
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