New York - Watertown


Heading west on Factory Street (NY Route 283) until it ends, then a different perspective of the building at the northwest corner of Mill Street and Black River Parkway.

A pair of unrelated old houses, on the northwest corner of Washington Street/Keyes Avenue and on the southeast corner of Massey Street (US Route 11)/Stone Street.

Continuing north on Washington Street from that house, I pass the First Presbyterian Church on the right and come to the old Masonic Temple on the left. The latest I can find is that it was on sale in 2012, but no record of what happened thereafter.

The Flower Memorial Library is across from the temple at 229 Washington Street. Despite appearances, it is definitely not abandoned.

Washington Street heads north into Public Square, with the old Paddock Arcade and YMCA buildings on the left.

State Street (NY Routes 3/12) heading east into Public Square. Note the irony of a locally owned pizzeria being saddled with a billboard for a national chain.

Looking down Franklin Street from Public Square. The red one is the 1893 Burdick Building.

The 1908 Lincoln Building is on the north side of the east end of the square.

Some of those other north-side buildings west of the Lincoln.

The First Baptist Church is at the east side of the square where it splits into State and Mill Streets. Turn north, and you'll come back to the first photo on this page and never escape my website.

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