New York - Cape Vincent

Cape Vincent

The town is inextricably linked with lighthouses, such that you even have one guiding the way for automobiles.

Self-explanatory. The house fronts Lake Ontario along West Broadway.

Almost as historic, almost as beautiful, also along West Broadway (ordered from west to east).

Looking northwest from County Route 6, which leaves town as a dead-end extension of West Broadway, across the eastern edge of Lake Ontario at the windmills of Wolfe Island, ON (ordered from east to west).

The last two windmill photos were taken from the grounds of the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, at the western edge of the southern channel formed by Wolfe Island that leads from Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River. The last two photos respectively highlight the 1896 Fog Horn Building (added a few decades after this, the second lighthouse at the site) and original keeper's quarters.

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