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Staten Island

Borough Hall greets Staten Island residents (I'd say visitors, but come on, who's visiting?) as they step off the ferry. Unless you're handicapped. Then your greeting is in back, and good luck getting up the hill.

So if you're in a wheelchair, you're probably best off not living in this part of the island. This is the hill down Hyatt St. to the rear entrance.

The Major stands in a park named after him, Barrett Triangle, just south of Borough Hall. (He's a really buff guy.)

Richmond County Courthouse is just north of Borough Hall along Richmond Terrace. This is the view from the ferry area, which is lower than the rest of the St. George neighborhood (think sea level).

Flipping back to Hyatt St., this old bank remains a bank, and was even still the Staten Island Bank until as recently as 2014.

The old St. George Theatre does not remain a theatre, but at least it remains at all.

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