New York - Saratoga


Saratoga Lake, seen from NY Route 9P heading south along its eastern shore. The middle two photos are from the same spot.

Saratoga Springs, seen from NY Route 9P heading southeast out of the city on Union Avenue.

Saratoga Monument, seen heading west on Burgoyne St. in Schuylerville and then curling around into the parking lot on the west side.

Saratoga... no, actually, this is on the corner of Burgoyne St. and Gates Ave. in Victory (next to Schuylerville), on the way up the hill to the monument. Thanks to you, my loyal reader base, I found a treasure trove of information from a former owner (Michael F.). This was a Roman Catholic Church for local Irish settlers, built in 1871, closed in the 1980s to merge with the other nearby (French-settler) church. I was right about the address - 27 Gates. It was converted from a church to a house in 1991, involving removal of the steeple (which is what confused me from the get-go). Click on the photo to see the old church, courtesy Michael.

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