New York - NY City - Roosevelt Isl.

Roosevelt Island, New York City

You can drive from Queens or take the subway from anywhere, and you once could walk straight down from the Queensboro Bridge, but Roosevelt Island is most famously accessed by tram. A bit of history is in open storage under the parking deck at the west end of the Roosevelt Island Bridge. This car will never go back to the tram line well to the south, nor will it be converted to a subway car on the 1 line. Someday, there may be a museum somewhere on this island among all of the historic buildings and the unique atmosphere that characterizes one of the most interesting parts of New York County.

The island's hospitals, past and present

Other interesting structures

Visible from the Queensboro Bridge but without a good camera angle, the insider's tip for viewing the famous Silvercup sign in Queens is to head to forgotten Roosevelt Island, park as far south as you can, and walk to the waterfront. (You can actually drive down this far, but if you're going to stop, make it really quick.)

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