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From the west and then at the main entrance (east), this is the Rundel Memorial or Central Library, opened in 1936 at the height of Art Deco along South Avenue between Court and Broad Streets.

Architectural details, the first on the west side (to make those across the Genesee River jealous) and the rest on either side of the entrance. It looks like SMB and RPL are written into the detailing on either side of the entrance. I know the Rochester Public Library, but stumped on the other. Is that supposed to be a reversed "R" for "Rundel Memorial Building" instead of an "S"? Then why isn't the "R" reversed in "RPL"? Is this really the intent of Art Deco?

Across the river from the library, this is the burly (Spanish-American) War Memorial, in front of the Rochester Amerks arena.

The 1914 Kodak Tower, still used by Kodak and standing on State Street west of downtown, seen from the Inner Loop.

The Maplewood neighborhood attempted modern art with the 36' Maplewood Arch, well north along the Genesee River at Lake Avenue and NY Route 104.

We have moved north into the neighborhood of Charlotte, formerly its own municipality until 1916 when Rochester expanded to control its port, and I am heading north along Lake Avenue past the former St. Bernard's Seminary. The center buildings (main building and chapel) opened in 1903, while the south and north buildings opened in 1900 and 1908 respectively. The seminary moved out of the buildings, which are now senior citizen housing, in 1981.

Southward past the same.

I bet there was once a religious statue here.

The thematically similar Holy Sepulchre Cemetery entrance to the north. I should clarify that this is the east entrance, because the cemetery is all around Lake Avenue north of the seminary.

My Lake Avenue journey ends at the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse near Ontario Beach Park.

The marina has its own "lighthouse." How "cute."

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