New York - Palmyra


Photos head east along Route 31, Main Street.

The 1876 Jarvis Block is on the southeast corner of Cuyler Street, but you won't see the name Jarvis on it. W.H. Farnham was one of the first occupants and got his name chiseled all over, which may include the "W" above the windows.

The north side of the street features the Cuyler Block, also dating to 1876. All of the buildings that look 19th-century are 19th-century, but they're not all catalogued separately. The ones that say "1922", such as #301 Main, do date to 1922.

Here we have the 1840s Williams Block (three conjoined buildings, remodeled in the 1860s), followed by the red Williamson Block. The yellow Jacob Papanu Building is the other 1922 remodel, same color as #301, so I'm sure related. The iron "Liberty Pole" outside the Williamson Block was erected in 1892 and stood 170' high, and it replaced an earlier pole so I know the block is older than that. It was shortened to 150' at some point and that may be when it apparently lost its Liberty cap that was supposed to be a hallmark of such poles.

Back to the north side of the street. The standalone building on the northeast corner of Market Street dates to 1880.

The commercial blocks give way to houses of similar age. #316 Main Street (first photo, with the tower) is one of two remaining frame houses from the 19th century. The Pliny Sexton House at #322 in the 3rd photo, in addition to being a station on the Underground Rail... way?... is the oldest building you'll find, at 1827. His descendants still live here, which is either admirable or tragic.

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