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Down I go into the first of many nicely restored stations.

Tiles of different sizes and ages at the next major cross street south. Every Manhattan line has both a 23rd St. station and a 14th St. station, but the 1 line also stops at 18th.

From Wall St., you don't just enter the subway, you enter the IRT. The IRT was Manhattan's contracted subway company at the time that the BRT belonged to Brooklyn (same last two letters). Later on the BRT became the BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit) and the city build the IND (INDependent of any corporation). Ultimately they all got folded into the NYC Transit Authority, but their vestiges remain: former IRT lines are numbered and BMT/IND lines are lettered.

Back underground to this artistic station, featuring the work of Milton Glaser (untitled, 1986 for the beaver).

What the subway actually looks like at Astor Place (and much of the rest of the Manhattan system). The express tracks run down the middle, bypassing most stations. It would take billions upon billions to get these stations to look bright and airy like the DC Metro, so this is what you get. The sound systems have been improved enough that you can almost make out that there's a voice speaking (that's as good as it gets, but it's a huge improvement), except you can't hear anything when a train comes squealing and screeching in every few minutes. It may not be glamorous, but the system sure gets you places.

I believe this is the Whitehall St. station on the N and R lines. After I took this 2012 photo, Hurricane Sandy drove New York Harbor waters into the subway tunnels and destroyed a lot of the station, including original tilework similar to these photos.

Return of the small tiles, way out in Brooklyn.

The High St. station is just across the Brooklyn Bridge on the A and C lines, but they cross in their own tunnel. The directional signs are arrayed around the same 1st-level landing.

What would you expect at the museum stop but art?

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