New York - Champlain Monument/Crown Point

Samuel de Champlain Monument at Crown Point

The view from the Vermont side of Lake Champlain. Obviously Samuel is its eponym.

Coming across Lake Champlain Bridge and looking southeast.

Approaching the monument from NY Route 185, heading roughly east from Fort Saint-Frédéric. This building's for the birds.

A bird-free closeup of the "pine cone" on top.

An alternative approach, from the boathouse just to the north on the lakeshore.

Some of the architectural details along the decorated north face of the monument. Click on the first photo for an intimidating and possibly racist closeup of the explorer and his minions.

This mini-monument to the larger one is found at the northwest of the pavilion.

Hemi-panoramic view of the lake from the top of the monument, from west to east.

Looking down instead of out, the boathouse and its attendant restored ship. I'll be heading there next, but let me leave you with one more monument view:

This one faces east from New York toward Vermont.

The boathouse has a boat and this is it.

The boathouse also has friends fuzzy and otherwise. Click on the last one if you're an arachnophile or need your younger sibling to wet his/her pants for your amusement.

Some time later, I found out that the ship isn't just for show, but it indeed still ships to some degree, though the sails seem rather furled.

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