New York - High Falls, Rochester

High Falls, Rochester, NY

The restored industrial-era scene on Brown's Race, the Historic District next to High Falls.

This millstone lies next to the base of the Platt St. Bridge on the west side, and comes with a plaque. It was from the Moseley and Mosley (would it have killed them to reconcile the spelling?) Milling Company at the foot (which end is that?) of Browns' Race. The Milling Company was active from the 1850's into the Roaring '20's, luckily blipping out of existence prior to the Depression.

From the west bank of the Genesee River, the Platt St. Bridge, dating to 1891 and not carrying traffic since 1980.

Lots of railroad remnants in the river. Since I'm standing in the once-powerful industrial area of the city, it's no surprise trestles once criss-crossed the Genesee.

More railroad remnants among the old buildings on the east bank of the river. The cliffs atop which they are perfectly perched were created by the Genesee River gradually cutting its way back to the current location of High Falls. The Falls started out half a mile to the north when they were first formed by glacial action. In more recent history, they've also gotten shallower - to improve the capacity for flood events, 16 feet were taken out of the Falls.

The little island on the north side of the bridge and the south side of the big island that sticks out on both sides. There is no way for mere mortals to reach the islands, but superhumans have the ability to control the lights in the shack on the north side of the big island that play across the Falls.

Playing across the falls from east to west from the Platt St. Bridge. Built up to the left of the falls are the brick remains of a huge power plant that once powered all of the old factories you saw on the east bank of the river. The little hole in the first photo was a storm sewer outlet that once produced its own miniature waterfall. To the right of the falls, a series of walls and channels brought water into the rocks to power machinery, then came back out in other channels known as tail races.

Facing west from the park on the east side of the Falls, turning north toward the Platt St. Bridge. The little brick building along the water under the reinforced wall (that's what those rectangular blocks are - they lock in iron bars that shore up the stone) is one of only three remaining hydroelectric plants on the river. Doesn't look like it, right?

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