New York - Gloversville


The Civil War monument is along North Main Street at 8th Avenue, in a little triangle of land. The guy on the far (east) side has been hit by a bullet, fitting the inscription, "In memory of the men who offered their lives in defense of their country." There are apparently a few similar monuments around the country, but this one has the distinction of having been installed in 1917. Wait just a little longer, and this could have commemorated two wars at once.

The 1900 United Methodist Church is just southeast of the monument. Construction started in 1890. Something I've noticed about churches is they seem to take forever to build, whereas commercial buildings go up in a matter of months.

Continuing down Main Street to downtown, these buildings were built in the 1890s, shortly before Dunday's put up their sign.

Old City Hall, which had a bell tower when it served that function, dates to 1885.

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