New York - Lake George/Ticonderoga

Lake George and Ticonderoga

Scenery along Interstate 87 as it heads south by Lake George Village, featuring French Mountain to the southeast of the village and lake.

Words fail me for how to describe Magic Forest, at the corner of US Route 9 and Bloody Pond Road. "Bloody pond" starts to do it justice. How about, "Uncle Sam, Paul Bunyan, and Santa Claus walk into a bar."

Getting away from there, here's scenery along NY Route 9N as it heads north along the west side of the lake. Scenic View 1/4 Mile? I've got your scenic view right here.

Okay, the view from the pullout is also quite scenic, especially if you like some lake with your mountains.

Back on the northbound road.

The Adirondacks rise to the west, foothills pushing up against the lake.

There's a stone house behind me, but I'm more interested in this statue. (The Hancock House has nothing to do with John Hancock, even though it is named for his uncle. Thomas Hancock has a house on Beacon Hill in Boston, and some rich guy in Ticonderoga decided that he'd build a replica. That's why I don't care.) The Liberty Monument sits in Moses Circle, named for that rich guy, and memorializes those who gave their lives in early struggles for freedom in this area, from skirmishes with native Iroquois in 1609 to early Revolutionary War battles in 1777. Winged Liberty sits atop, and painted arrows at the bottom remind insects, snakes, and small mammals how to negotiate a traffic circle.

The old Moses-Ludington Hospital (also named for that guy) once faced the west side of Moses Circle in front of the modern hospital behind it. It disappeared in late 2012.

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