New York - Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry

Starting at the ornate original Manhattan ferry terminal. Every map is better with tile.

Two of the ferry ships seen in passing in Upper Bay.

In the distant distance: Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the south (Staten Island's only physical link to the rest of New York), the Bayonne Golf Club to the west.

Liberty and Ellis Islands to the west in the misty morning.

Governor's Island to the east, the only one I haven't visited.

Approaching Manhattan, heading east of the Battery to the ferry terminal where this page started. The modern terminal is just south of the fortunately preserved original.

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges cross the East River east of the ferry terminal. Their sibling Williamsburg Bridge is around the bend and not visible from here.

Liberty and Ellis Islands by sunset on my return trip.

The Battery area and ongoing (March 2012) World Trade Center construction lit from the west.

Although the air has cleared since the morning, fog has settled in around the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Also to the west: Jersey City and the Port of Bayonne, NJ. The mechanical cranes jutting through the fog resemble nothing more than their avian counterparts.

Staten Island
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