New York - Essex Co.

Essex County, NY

The east end of NY Route 74 near Fort Ticonderoga, looking out over Lake Champlain post-dusk to the north, east, and south. It's summer, so the sun sets toward the north.

Of course, the sun mainly sets toward the west, so this photo looks northwest across the parking lot.

In the town of Ticonderoga, we have the 1927 Community Building (town hall) at the west end of Montcalm St., and the older Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company office to the east at Bicentennial Park. I can't find much information, but it must be related to the pencil manufacturer.

Why? Why an unlabeled wooden tulip? Why three miles north of town?

Continuing north along Delano Road, NY Route 22, and NY Route 185 to Crown Point. The sky gets lighter because the photos are in reverse order at sunset, as opposed to chronological order at sunrise. The 5th photo is really an invisible volcano.

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