New York - Clayton


I don't know that Guardino Elementary School is really that interesting, but it has droopy trees and some cement work, so fine, here you go.

The prettiest church in town, the United Methodist Church.

The prettiest house in town, the 1880 Johnston House.

The prettiest lighthouse in town (no name). Located at the end of James St., it lines up nearly perfectly with the tower in the background, which is on Calumet Island. Charles Emery, 1880s multi-millionaire, apparently was going around buying up islands because he had nothing else to spend on. He bought this one and built a castle on it, and while it outlived him by quite some time, it was destroyed by fire. The water tower was the most notable structure to survive, and that's what you see here.

Since Clayton was the Great Lakes playground of millionaires, it only makes sense that it would have an opera house far removed from any major city. That's the first photo, and it's across Merrick St. from Thousand Islands Inn on Riverside Drive.

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