New York - City College

City College of New York

The 138th Street entrance from Amsterdam Avenue.

The considerably more ornate 139th Street entrance.

Starting off with (Townsend) Harris Hall, just north of the 138th Street gate. This is one of the five original 1906 buildings, and I imagine the 139th Street gate is also originl. The tower in the last photo is on Goethals Hall, the next building built in 1930 though in a similar style to the others.

There are quite a few scary gargoyles and goblins on Harris Hall, along with some more benign architectural features as I walk north.

Compton Hall, another original building, is just north of the 139th Street gate.

Goethals Hall is attached to Compton Hall, and has more of those grotesque creatures adorning it just to prove it belongs.

East from there, Shepard Hall is another original, the largest and most ornate of all.

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