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The Lorelei Fountain stands at the corner of 161st Street and Grand Concourse - but it wasn't supposed to. It was commissioned in Germany in the 1880s as a memorial to Jewish-German poet and author Heinrich Heine. However, it was barred from Frankfurt during rising anti-Semitism in the 1890s, and then other German cities followed suit. As a result, the fountain was transferred to a friendlier country and installed just after Heine's 100th birthday, in 1899. It commemorates his poem to the Lorelei water spirit.

Still a resource devoted to the impoverished, the former Children's Shelter was built in 1926 at #1130 Grand Concourse.

From 1899, to 1926, and now to the birth of Art Deco in 1931, here are the Park Plaza Apartments at Jerome Avenue and E. 164th Street. Click on the 3rd photo for a closeup of the ornate window work.

Jumping up to Fordham, this futuristic banner was erected sometime in the 1970s or so on Fordham Road (US Route 1). It's no longer futuristic, but it's still up. The building closeup is on the northwest corner of Marion Avenue and dates to 1925.

The Fordham Station at E. Fordham Road and Webster Avenue dates to the late 19th century, when the New York Central Railroad was a thing.

You may think this is another railroad station, but it's the 52nd precinct station house. And stable, when it was built in 1906. Not a stable now.

The nearby Bronx Victory Memorial, dedicated on Armistice Day (now Veterans' Day) 1925.

Van Cortlandt Lake in the eponymous park, looking north from the southwest and southeast corners.

A black squirrel in the same park. They're not rare, but they're not common.

Ending the page the way it began, with a fountain. Algernon Sydney Sullivan was apparently a jurist, statesman, and orator. His fountain is at the southeast corner of Van Cortlandt Lake and it comes complete with New York City Parks maple leaves.

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