New York - Binghamton Mets

Binghamton Mets

Pregame views around the stadium, and an old building beyond left field. Shrek is not a mascot, but the bee and weird baseball creature (WBC) both are, and a third one converses with Shrek and the actual, non-inflatable WBC near home plate in the first photo.

Warmups. I think #2 doesn't get to play, but he may be an emergency reserve.

At a half-millisecond shutter speed, I can actually catch the baseball being round. You know this'll be a hit.

Another hit, and then a run!

Coultas pitches, Duda fields. But not really, because Coultas is pitching quite well today (April 19, 2009).

Another inning, another run or two. Couldn't tell you if this is the Duda or Bowman homer, but the B-Mets won 4-2 over the Portland Sea Dogs (Red Sox affiliate).

One or two more fly balls, everyone shakes hand because everyone's a winner in AA. Everyone on the field, that is, who all happen to be B-Mets. Even little #2.

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