New York - Autumn 2011

Autumn, 2011

All photos were taken on October 9.

Starting off heading north on NY Route 268.

Northeastward on Route 10 and the windier old road. The last three photos panorama to the west. I just verbed it.

The old road ends after the first photo, and I turn northwest on Route 206.

Scenery to the west as I continue north on Route 51.

Looking north and south along Steele Creek just south of Ilion.

The apex of my trip, Route 169 south of Middleville, looking west.

NY Route 28 along the west shore of Canadarago Lake.

Continuing south past Schuyler Lake. With the sun setting in the west, these and the remaining photos point south to east.

All on Route 28, nearing the southern edge of the Southern Tier, the end of the road, and twilight.

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