Northwest Territories - Liard Highway

Liard Highway (NWT 7)

I recounted my experience crossing the NWT border on the Roads page (linked at bottom), and even shared a teaser photo of the border buffalo there. Here are some more view of the adult buffalo mingling with their capybaras babies.

The route heads northwest until just as it reaches the Fort Liard turnoff, which is where the last photo was taken. In facing this way, it gives me views of the Franklin Mountains that define the southernmost part of the Yukon border. I'm far enough north that the trees can only grow this high, but at least there are still trees.

Proving that it wasn't a fluke, here are more buffalo 15 minutes north of Fort Liard and a solid 80 minutes beyond that, more than halfway to the end of the road.

Looking west and east along the Poplar River, within a half hour of the Mackenzie Highway.

Liard Highway roads photos
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