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Rutgers may not be known for their football prowess, but as their stadium attests, they will forever hold one inviolable claim: the first modern game of football was played here, against Princeton, in 1869. You can see "the birthplace of college football" tattooed around the sides of the field, but it's equally true without the word "college."
11/29/12 - Louisville

This was one of the biggest games in Rutgers football history. At 5-1 in the conference, despite losing the previous week, they were poised for the final Big East championship if they could get past Louisville. Unfortunately, that was not to be, and after a devastating 20-17 loss, their regular season was over and Rutgers was headed to a second-tier bowl instead of top-tier. Which they lost, and it was downhill ever since.

A pregame survey of the field from my corner, and the RUTGERS flags herald the imminence of kickoff.

Let's take a cheerleading break.

Let's take a band break. It's also known as "halftime."
12/7/13 - South Florida

This game was a lot better for Rutgers, a 31-6 romp over the USF Bulls. Although the 2013 season was not as prestigious for Rutgers as 2012, there was still a lot hanging on this game, as the Knights became bowl-eligible and ultimately faced Notre Dame in the Pinstripe Bowl. Arguably, despite the worse season overall, Rutgers had a better bowl and matchup than in 2012. 2013 also marked Rutgers' only season in the AAC, formed out of the remnants of the Big East after 2012, before they and the NY/NJ market were swept into the Big Ten.

The teams take the field.

Rutgers employs Revolutionary patriots to fire its touchdown cannon. They're lucky to be near a heat source, as the cheerleaders are layered up for survival. Rocky the Bull of USF is probably also fairly warm in there.

More scoring flags, more band, just like last time and to the Bulls' chagrin.

Between quarters, Rocky consults with his cheer squad on how to liven up his team while the patriots discuss cannon-firing techniques.

They're trying, but USF does not have as potent a show as Rutgers.

Another touchdown, a better shot of the cannon firing, more flags.

At long last, the Scarlet Knight makes his debut on this page. He's looking extra scarlet for the holiday season.

Judging by the number of band formations, this is halftime.

Also judging by the number of kickers.

I bring you some in-game action, finally.

This is the action you REALLY came to see, right? Santa sure did, and he's judging who's naughty.

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